13 NFL Teams Partnerships with Blockchain Company Socios.com


13 NFL Teams Partnerships with Blockchain Company Socios.com
13 NFL Teams Partnerships with Blockchain Company Socios.com

NFL season is just 148 days away yes I am keeping track, it will look a little different on the field in terms of overtime changes. The NFL has made and off the field, in terms of the rules, the NFL has related to blockchain and their sponsorships. How this could change the game off the field in particular with the fans so what happened about a month ago now little less than a month ago the NFL made it legal for teams to partner with blockchain companies.

They can now enter into these partnerships today I am seeing some of those come to fruition so Socios.com. As a fan experience company that helps teams monetize their fan bases beyond the local market is sort of what they're going for they partnered with 13 teams today including the bears, the 49ers, the defending Super Bowl champion La rams, and these partnerships are really just meant to expose fans to Socios.com.

It is not a direct Crypto partnership there is no Cryptocurrency really involved here so what is happening is said a brown fan won an all-expenses-paid trip to the NFL draft. A  49ers fan got to meet former 49ers tackle Joe Staley and that 49ers actually going to be featured on the NBC Sports Bay Area broadcast so some pretty cool fan experiences there. Really it is different from what we have seen Socios.com do in Europe so the US has not allowed fan tokens yet. 

None of the leagues have the NFL is not allowing fan tokens yet but this might be Sociosa's entrance into the U.S. market to set themselves up for fan tokens. This is the same as in Europe the way these fan tokens worked. Fans can buy a token and then once they have that token they are in an exclusive club in that club they can vote on what the team might do maybe what jersey they are going to wear and from there they earn rewards points.

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The fans get rewarded and really the big thing here is this is if they do go the fan token route of the NFL eventually going fan token that's how they interact with all these international markets. I have been hearing about right the NFL's expanding internationally they want to be able to monetize those international markets well. The fan token might be able to do that for them.

Let's stay in the NFL lane if you will because Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have got a new big deal with Blockchain.com seems like there are a lot of partnerships being struck up today. So why did this make sense for the quote-unquote America’s team, yeah brad well? You know down in Dallas they always do it big right, so they went with a big company in Blockchain.com.

Blockchain.com is valued at 14 Billion Dollars the company has about 82 Million Wallets in 200 Countries so pretty worldwide brand here. This one's even less Cryptocurrency related in the sense that there are no Crypto rewards or really anything Crypto happening other than Blockchain.com.  It is going to be advertising think what we have seen from  Draftkings and Fanduel in those sports gambling companies.

That's what we are going to see from Blockchain.com and the Cowboys and then there is going to be a little bit of a tie-in where I think there's going to be some rewards for their digital wallet for the Crypto savvy cowboys fans to figure out if there is revenue to be had out there will indeed.

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