How To Get Ethereum OP Token Airdrop!

How To Get Ethereum OP Token Airdrop!
How To Get Ethereum OP Token Airdrop!

Today I will talk about the major Ethereum  l2 news and a new token that's dropping you could potentially claim this. We will also update you on what's going on with some of our favorite Altcoins like Cardano, Avalanche like Terra and so much more.

Let's talk about Ethereum and then the optimism l2 token airdrop. First of all 10 % of all circulating Ethereum is now in the Eth2 deposit contract what does this mean?  The hunger for Eath staking is insatiable this is the data you can see that 10 % of circulating. Eath is now in the Ether2 deposit contract at current prices that's over 33 Billion committed to securing Ethereum. Through staking Ethereum layer 2 network optimism is dropping a token, this is what you need to know this is being referred to as airdrop number one I'm going to tell you.

How to check to see if you can claim your tokens and what's coming in the future, first of all, optimistic protocol op is dropping 5 % of the total initial token supply to about a Quarter Million unique addresses. The focus is on people who have used optimism to contribute to their communities in a positive way or are l2 curious or have been priced out of l1. The airdrop includes git coin Donors Bridge, users multi-sig signers snapshot voters even if you haven't used optimistic protocol, you should probably check whether you are eligible to be very careful what you click on the official site is app. optimism.

I and you can go to the governance section heads up you actually cannot claim yet you can only check to see. If you are eligible and most likely you will be eligible. If you have bridged to optimism and used the l2 this is what it will look like. If you are eligible to claim the airdrop you can see the eligibility criteria are repeat optimism user multi-sig signer, optimism user donated to git coin grants priced out of Ethereum Dow voter going forward. This is what you need to know this is the first airdrop 5 % of the total supply is being airdropped, but in the future 14 of the total token supply is reserved for airdrops.

If you are not eligible to claim the free tokens in airdrop number one you should probably still bridge your little heart out and use optimism's l2. If you are used to l1 optimism feels like magic and you will perhaps be eligible for future airdrops for the users is not that interesting regardless. If you are able to claim in this airdrop number one or not in the future you will most likely be able to claim, if you are an optimistic user starting today future op airdrops is the best psyop. It drives activity on optimism it generates more fees for revenue for the protocol, they donate fee revenue to public goods such as users turning degeneracy into re-energy, and then just finally what is even the point of optimism's token crypto needs to scale the path to a super chain eth.

I guess should be paved with public goods the optimism team's ultimate goal is to decentralize itself into nothingness and seed full control to the community. Another stone on the road to attention Crypto holder's attention Crypto traders do you invest in Crypto do you trade Crypto if yes I have a major opportunity, I need to clue you into most people in Crypto do not know that they can take advantage of this. You should be investing you should be trading with the choice ira app a retirement account trade invest with choice and you pay zero capital gains tax. They offer thousands of traditional assets and tons of Crypto assets you can buy Crypto with the choice you can trade Crypto with choice.

The bottom line is if you think your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and CryptoCurrency assets are going to be worth a lot of money in the long term, why not put a portion of your stack in the choice app so you would not have to pay any capital gains tax your future self and receive fifty dollars in free bitcoin when you set up an account take advantage of this.

Let me know if you did in Cardano News. Cardano has just increased its block size by 10 % to speed up transactions and dap performance, Cardano is planning for its big future along with Avalanche. Avalanche's new wallet will feel smooth as silk according to their president so right now. If you use Avalanche you probably use it through the Ethereum hot wallet Metamask. Well, they are about to launch their own it's called Core. It will be a browser extension and mobile wallet specifically for the Avax ecosystem look forward to that. If you are bullish on Avax and then finally with Terra Luna news fire block launches defy support for terror amid growing institutional demand. Institutional investors have reportedly poured in over 500 Million in the first week. Since the integration has gone live the key takeaways are leading Crypto infrastructure and custody solutions providers. Fire blocks have announced that it has integrated terra into its institutional platform. The integration allows institutions including venture capital and hedge funds to invest and earn high yields on D5 protocols like Anchor lido astroport Ontario. Fire blocks reportedly saw customers deploying half a Billion into the terra ecosystem in its first week. Since the integration went live on April 18th.  My friends, we are early I know there is still a lot of fun and misinformation in CryptoCurrency.

This is akin to the internet even in 1999 the media attacked the internet over energy saying a lump of coal is burnt every time a book is ordered online. Today the same attack has shifted towards Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is not moving up very fast but it's not going down very slow it's chopping around in a range, is it boring maybe but boring is good if you want institutional adoption. I'm extremely bullish on Bitcoin Ethereum and the future of this industry.

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