What is The Recommended Daily Exercising Time to Lose Weight?


What is The Recommended Daily Exercising Time to Lose Weight?
What Is The Recommended Daily Exercising Time to Lose Weight?

Today I will be answering the question,

What Is The Recommended Daily Exercising Time to Lose Weight?

Working out 30 minutes a day can be enough to cause you to start losing weight. If you are also making changes to your nutrition and how you are eating. However, if the only change you are making is adding in exercising 30 minutes a day. It is highly unlikely you are gonna lose any noticeable amount of weight. There is a good chance you might even gain weight, I talk about this all the time with clients who come in thinking they just have to start exercising to lose weight. Most of them who feel like their nutrition is already a pretty good thing, they will just start exercising and be able to start dropping weight logically.

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This seems like it would make sense a lot of people get confused, when they add in more exercise why they are not losing weight and feel like something must be wrong with their metabolism or nothing works. So let's use an example if someone's doing some form of exercise for 30 minutes every day they are going to burn anywhere from 100 Calories to 450 Calories. If you are using most of the estimations out there depending upon your body weight how hard that exercise is what type of activity you are doing, so doing the numbers you think you have been able to lose weight this has been studied and often times it winds up coming from people justifying.

While I'm exercising so it's okay if I have a little bit of this and a little bit of this adds up to quite a few Calories the other big thing is when you start exercising especially if it's a higher intensity exercise you're going to see your hunger levels increase this happens to me all the time. Where if I start really increasing the intensity of my workouts oftentimes, I will start gaining weight. I would swear that I did not make any changes to my nutrition, but the thing is your body starts getting a little bit hungry you start eating little bits of more food throughout the day but again you are going to have a lot of these different factors change. How much you are eating and pushing you out of that calorie or energy deficit is another thing. People often do not consider that when your cardio machine or you are using an online calculator estimates how much energy you are going to burn during a workout that also includes.

How much energy you would have burnt if you did not do anything? So you are just resting metabolism or in layman terms, if you were just sitting on the couch watching Netflix it still has that number in there. So it is not an additional total amount of Calories that includes your resting metabolism, so you need to factor that in as well can you lose weight by adding in 30 minutes of exercise a day absolutely. However a better way to probably look at this is thinking about using your nutrition to get you into that energy deficit and exercise, is something that is going to help to supplement that as well as getting all the other health benefits of exercise.

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