McDonald’s Just Became Owned By Elon Musk!

McDonald’s Just Became Owned By Elon Musk!
McDonald’s Just Became Owned By Elon Musk!

A lifetime of happy meals for Elon Musk wants to know why? Well, a little birdie whispered in our ears of the secret meetings where musk moved to buy Mcdonald's, do you think he will fix all the ice cream machines. Now they were always broken, when you craved an ice cream well let's explore how exactly Elon Musk plans to buy Mcdonald's.

Elon Musk is a tech-savvy culturally relevant Billionaire. Who recently purchased the Microblogging site Twitter and is once again on a high, Musk said in a series of Tweets that he had set his sights on Coca-Cola and Mcdonald's to fix ice cream machines. Only Musk knows if he is joking or not. After the Multi-Billion Dollar purchase of the microblogging service, this week's look it is evident that Musk has a lot of money. He is the world's richest guy and he has just acquired Twitter for better or worse people are now suggesting, that he acquire Mcdonald's and we would love the concept of the SpaceX creator launching a happy meal into space.

While having a solid ice cream connection at Mcdonald's would be fantastic. We are not sure how Musk's Tesla investors would feel about the purchase. Tesla shares dropped more than 12% the day after Musk announced his purchase of Twitter to put it in context, that's about $ 125 Billion Dollars which should make investors nervous about any future purchases. Musk makes whether it's Mcdonald's, Facebook, or something else concerns over Musk's $ 44 Billion Dollar offer for Twitter were blamed for the steep drop in shares. According to reports Elon Musk has received a $ 12.5 Billion Dollar loan on his 17.5 ownership of Tesla.

Musk is reportedly claimed to have borrowed another $ 13Billion Dollars from Wall Street but has not specified how he will cover the remaining offer amount, which has investors worried with some speculating that. Musk may dump Tesla shares to complete the buyout. Tesla has lost more than 12% of its value since CEO Elon Musk stated that he will sell 10 of his holdings. It is unclear if Musk has begun selling. Although his brother Kimball Musk sold $ 100 Million Dollars, just before Elon announced his departure. The CEO has $ 170.49 Million Tesla shares as of last week. This indicates that 10 of the company's stock is 17 Million shares or around.

The average daily volume of Tesla stock traded if Elon Musk were obliged to sell shares of our common stock that he has pledged to secure certain personal loan commitments. Such sales might cause our stock price to decrease Tesla, wrote in its most recent Annual filing so if musk buys Mcdonald's his Tesla shareholders are unlikely to get a happy meal. Musk had already been well known for his outspoken backing of the meme currency, he even recently claimed that while not the ideal money system it is essentially superior to everything else he has seen due to minimal transaction costs and significantly better transaction volume capability than Bitcoin.

He believes Dogecoin is prepared for broad adoption after several years of inactivity. A not-for-profit organization founded by members of the Dogecoin team in 2014 was resurrected last year. A scenario that Mcdonald's found itself in lately was when Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and the world's most prominent advocate of digital currency Dogecoin promised his 71 Million Twitter followers, that he would eat a happy meal on TV if McDonald’s takes Dogecoin. Only if Tesla accepts Grimace Coin. Germany Mcdonald's replied in response, Mcdonald's received Hundreds of retweets, likes, and comments shortly after posting its Tweet.

However, it drew criticism from the Crypto community, especially from software developer and Dogecoin Co-founder Billy Marcus. Marcus who tweets as ShibatoShi Nakamoto began by claiming. He grimaces at Mcdonald's for their reaction before criticizing the fast-food business for what he regarded as possibly dangerous behavior in real life. Mcdonald's this space has a large problem with junk tokens shills bots and terrible eggs. So I’m sure the joke was meant to be funny but it ends up being incredibly cringed inside the Crypto realm Marcus remarked on Twitter to summarize Grimace coin was created as a parody of Dogecoin.

In reaction to Bitcoin Dogecoin was created as a joke, and how did Bitcoin get its start that on the other hand is a little trickier. Let's come back to the lesson that all of this teaches us, just like their burgers. Mcdonald's joke was a little cheesy, it also drew some criticism from the Crypto community. How are you doing people who run Crypto, Twitter accounts wrote the food chain which was engrossed in a Twitter debate sparked by Billy Marcus the inventor of Dogecoin over dosh payments. The cost of a Memecoin saw a similar little pump in value recently after Tesla announced, that Dogecoin will be accepted for merchandising payments on Twitter Crypto investors including the president of El Salvador turned to jokes and comedy to relieve the stress of the market fall.

Naive Buckel altered his profile photo lately joking about his next job. If his Bitcoin ambitions fail, Mcdonald's reacted on Twitter noting that their logo has become synonymous with CryptoCurrency market collapses. Elon Musk looks to be considering opening a restaurant or a chain of restaurants as his next business endeavor maybe, that is why he is joining hands with Mcdonald's. The details I have are that Tesla submitted trademark applications for its Tea Logo and the words restaurant services pop-up restaurant services self-service restaurant services, and take away restaurant services. Last week as well as trademark applications for the term Tesla and its distinctive letters.

The top-selling electric vehicle manufacturer in the USA has taken the initial steps toward opening a fast-food restaurant. It is a terrific concept Musk said three years ago on Twitter. He indicated at the time, that he wanted to build an old-school drive-in roller skate and rock restaurant along the 405 in Los Angeles for a Tesla Supercharger Station. The firm even applied for and received a construction permit for the project, but as Elektrok wrote not much more happened after that the proposal is still under discussion. According to a trademark registration filed last week, if you're a Tesla driver you could soon be able to pull into a Supercharger Station and have a Milkshake served to you, whether you like the 1950s Diner concept or not vehicle chargers and eateries are a natural fit.

This is why Tesla has placed many of its Supercharger Stations near restaurant drivers of electric vehicles, understand why although most of you can charge at home. Most of the time if you are on a long journey or started with a low battery for any reason, you will need to stop and charge someplace which may take anywhere from 15 Minutes to an Hour depending on the size of your battery how much energy you need. Elon Musk got inspired by the idea and that is why he even considered, the idea of buying Mcdonald's just so he can provide convenience to Tesla drivers. As they wait for their cars to be charged and while they wait they can wander in any of the nearby Mcdonald's.

Elon musk will smartly be placing charging spots and Mcdonald's side by side because you will have to sit and wait for your car to charge. Anyhow it's a good idea to fuel yourself at the same time, according to Musk the new eatery will also have Cinema displays playing 100 top movie clips. Which will help to keep patrons entertained he also stated that Tesla owners would be able to place orders straight from their vehicle's touchscreens. Tesla of course has no prior expertise in the restaurant industry as others have pointed out. The corporation could simply overcome that problem by forming a joint venture with a restaurant chain and as you guessed correctly Mcdonald's.

Musk on the other hand has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to swiftly grasp a new business even one as difficult as Rocket Physics in a few years. I would like to pull up to a charging station and have a Big Mac and Fries delivered to my vehicle window. However, after the trouble, Elon Musk found himself in a post-twitter buyout and inexperience in the restaurant industry especially a huge name as Mcdonald's. It is unlikely that anything of this sort may happen soon.

So no Elon Musk is not buying Mcdonald's and it does not seem to happen anytime soon now I'm going to buy McDonald's and fix all the ice cream machines. Musk said in a snapshot of a mock-up Tweet from his account listen, I can't do miracles okay Musk quipped in the caption.

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